Monday, December 29, 2008

Bringing The Files Online : Gmail Drive and Windows Live Skydrive

Internet is the future, and having an online storage sure is easy. Online storage is useful when you need to upload some files that you scared might get damaged if you stored it in a pendrive or harddrive. There are 2 online storage service that might catch your attention. 

The 1st 1 is Gmail Drive, created by It uses the your Gmail account to store files by adding a drive in your "My Computer" called Gmail Drive. Currently, Gmail have about 7 Gigabytes of space, enough for storing some documents. It's limitations, however, is unable to upload .exe and .zip files nor files exceeding 20MB. You can circumvent this problem by compressing them into .rar or .7z format. 

The 2nd 1 is Windows Live Skydrive. By registering for Windows Live ID, you get a generous 25GB of space to store pictures or movie clips. You can go to the website to choose files to upload or you can just drap-and-drop with ActiveX tool installed in Windows Explorer. There are only 1 limitations, that is, files upload must not exceed 50MB.

Did any of you ever tried these online storages? Or do you think that they are worthless as it's gonna take a long time to upload and download? Then leave your opinion here.

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