Sunday, January 25, 2009

Deluge Review : Unthrottled Download

After being bored of using the slow downloads(5KB and below) using utorrent, I decided to check out another torrent client. After surfing the web for a while, I discovered Deluge, a torrent client originally developed for Linux, Mac OS and now ported to Windows.

1st thing 1st, throttle download is quite popular among Malaysia as our main ISP, TM Net, likes to control our bandwidth to make way for other users. They emphasize quantity over quality and now I can't wait till I change to another ISP in near future. What special in Deluge is that their download is unthrottled (or so I've heard), unlike utorrent. So you can download very fast using Deluge compared to utorrent.

The Deluge file size is 27MB and installation size is 100MB, which is a very LARGE difference between utorrent (less than 1MB for both). And the RAM it takes to run is around 60MB, compared to utorrent of only 8MB. AND it also LAGS when using the interface, such as changing the settings, opening the folder from the torrent list. But in the end, the download speed is FAST compared to utorrent, 30KB to 5KB of utorrent.

The Deluge have a Daemon port which I have no idea how to use it, and also you can specify when to seed using the seed ratio requirement. The GUI of Deluge looks very Gnome-ish (Linux users will know what this is), which looks very refreshing to me who always facing the Windows XP look.

To add a torrent file, you can't just double-click it. You have to click the "+" then find out where the torrent is to add it. At least it's faster when you have to add many torrent at once.

In the end, Deluge appeal to me because of the looks and most importantly, the speed! For those who have many space to spare, you should try out this torrent client.

How's your experience using this client? Does it offer better speed compared to other client? Kindly leave your comments here.

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