Monday, March 09, 2009

My thoughts on Overclocking Phenom II to 6.5GHz

If you haven't watch the video below, please do so. Otherwise you won't understand what I'm ranting about.

Nice, now that you watch the video, don't you think it's a little bit wasteful to use the liquid nitrogen to overclock the Phenom II to 6.5GHz? I mean, to convert a gas form of N(nitrogen) to liquid N must have used up quite a lot of resources(money, energy). If they have the money to do this kind of a thing, why don't they put those money into their R&D to create a better cpu that can rival the core i7 under NORMAL conditions(air cooling).

Maybe this is a publicity, to make people think that "Oh my! Phenom II processors are so overclockable! I'm so gonna get one now!" But, do you know that, under air cooling, Phenom II more or less has the same overclock range as Core 2 Quads. Given the cheaper price, Phenom I would definitely be my choice.

So, do you guys and girls agree with this publicity tactic? Maybe the resources could have been used to do better things such as improving designs to beat the core i7? Please kindly leave your comments here :)


e l d y said...

wow !! tat is incredible bro !!
but isn't have durability to continue working when overclocked to such HIGH performance ..

Terence said...

I think that if the temperature doesn't exceed 60C, the durability won't decrease much

陈一豪 said...

Agree on that mate, its like driving with nitrous oxide when you can put something bigger in your car : )

Sandu Marian said...

I agree with Terence that if the temperature doesn't exceed 60C, the durability won't decrease much. Otherwise, it's a good configuration.