Saturday, March 14, 2009

Transferring to a new site |

I will be moving to a new site, on 17th of march. Thanks to you guys for visiting my blog and looking at my rants or review on computer things. At first, I was thinking whether or would sound better. Terence, by the way, is my alias :).....seriously, I think I watch too much Alias (J. Garner rocks!) to make a alias of my own.

Anyway, to ease the reader by typing less word, I decided on "". Why do I want to ditch the free blogger and use paid web hosting? Because I want the freedom to edit many things~ Besides, having your own domain sounds cool!

The company that provides the web hosting service that I used is T&N Communications. They currently having a promotion till the end of this month, which is 31st of March 2009. That promotion is, buy 1 year of web hosting, get another year free. For old user, renew this year, get another year free.

I bought the RM15 web hosting (starter plan) which included 1GB space with 10GB bandwidth and another RM 35 for the domain name. Simply said, for 2 years I will be paying RM 85 (RM 15+RM35*2) as domain name is not included in the promotion. I just hope that the 1GB space will be enough for my blog.

Any comments on decision to change to paid web hosting? Or questions regarding to the web hosting service? Just leave your comments here :)


Stefan Liviu said...

I think you made a good decision :) Why not ?

singapore web design said...

this is a good decision but i hope you can update this one. this is one of the best site that does not require you to pay anything and easily gets read.