Sunday, February 15, 2009

My story about World of Warcraft

Unless you live in a cave, I pretty sure that many people knows what WoW(World of Warcraft) is. Last time when I was playing the open beta, I pretty much hooked on to it, playing day and night. After the beta ends, my life also pretty much ended, because I can't spend RM50 a month to play a game as my dad will surely kill me!

After a few years of playing other online games, I still couldn't forget the feeling of playing WoW. It's just like an addiction, or maybe a desire, that's really, really hard to quench. To quench the thirst bit by bit, I have been buying all the things that related to warcraft, like warcraft novels, comics, manga. Warcraft trading cards is next on my list. 

Occasionaly I will play as trial account (Yup! I created at least 3 trial accounts), but no to much satisfaction as I can only level up to measly 20 with no AH to use. I have been thinking about buying the WoW battlechest which includes both original WoW and it's expansion, Burning Crusade. But I still don't know whether it's worth it or not to play for 30 days and wait till I earn money before continue playing it again.

Due to this thinking of mine, I have learned perseverence. What I want to buy but I can't buy now, I will think of warcraft, think of how much I have endured NOT being able to play that fantastic, God-blessed MMORPG game. Now, if I can just get my hand on my 1st salary....


Anonymous said...

Too bad.
You have food right? Clothing? Access to doctors?
Stop whining and embrace just how good you have it compared to those who are starving and homeless, or those in continually war torn areas.
better yet use your WOW skills to find a job, or help those worse off then you.
Hard to feel sad when babies die every day from starvation or worse.

Terence said...

"those who are starving and homeless, or those in continually war torn areas"
that's their problem by the way. if I keep thinking about other people and how good my life is, I can never motivate myself to do better.
Oh yes, I got food, clothing and access to doctors. So I should just satisfy with my life and leave it at that point? No way man!