Sunday, February 22, 2009

World of Warcraft Killer

"Stop looking for a WoW killer"....I'm totally agree with this post! Ever since I played World of Warcraft beta (which is many many many years ago), I've been looking for free alternative of that God-blessed game. 

Oh well, we all know how it ends up.....I couldn't find any MMORPG that came close to it. The last game that I played is Runes of Magic. You know what? That game mechanics is almost like a clone of WoW. Why do I say that? It's because your game character can jump, the shortcut keys are same as WoW(Ctrl + C to open character menu, Ctrl + L to open quest list), and there's a "?" mark on quest giver's head. Even though the game mechanics is almost the same, it's still didn't capture my heart...because I can't see npcs named Jaina, Thrall, nor Arthas! Simply said, I'm in love with the Warcraft lores.

There's 1 more game that I have spent nearly 6 month on it before deciding to quit it for the sake of my big exam. That game is Perfect World, developed by Wan Mei Beijing Company, and it can jump, fly, ride mounts and 3 races with 6 classes totaled together. At first I was totally into the game, and I thought that it was comparable to WoW. Oh hell! I was gravely mistaken. Poorly translated english, close to none number of quest after lvl 40, overpowered Item Shop character. And that is enough. I rather pay monthly subscription than having to face with overpowered character stacked against me.

And so, like the post said, there's no WoW killer unless Blizzard decided to abandon WoW(which is impossible). So to those of you who are praying for WoW killer, stop daydreaming and play the World of Warcraft. It's WORTH it. And don't blame me when you getting addicted to it.


MENJ said...

Guild Wars is the WoW killer, no doubt.

Terence said...

Haha...maybe your right. Guild Wars is a very good game too and it's subscription free. But I'm waiting for Guild Wars 2 to come out. Maybe it can snatch a portion of MMORPG market.