Friday, November 21, 2008

5 Essential Freewares for Your Computer

Sometimes I compressed some files in 7zip format and my friends can't open it. Also, when their computer starting to crawl like snail they ask me is it virus or something like that. Blah blah blah.
So here I decide to introduce some software for my readers. If you have better recommendation, please leave your comment.

  1. 7-zip : This utilitiy allows you to open multiple format such as RAR, ZIP, 7Z, ISO, GZIP and etc. It also allows you to compressed into 7Z and ZIP format, but I hightly recommend the 7Z format as it is the one of the most efficient compressor (the other being RAR).
  2. Paint.NET : Wanted to do some refinement to your pictures but without the complexity of Adobe Photoshop? Paint.Net have layers function and other effects such as sharpen, red-eye removal and soften. If you are not satisfied with the effect provided, you can download plugins to add more effect. Need some questions answer? Head over to the forum to get guides or help.
  3. Auslogics Disk Defrag : This defrager helps maintain your computer speed by making the files less fragmented. After you use your computer for a while, you might noticed your computer a bit slow. This is because all your files all cluttered together, thus making the harddrive having a hard time finding the pieces of your file.
  4. Google Chrome : If you are tired of Internet Explorer slow rendering speed, you can choose Chrome to browse the web as it has the fastest java rendering speed and open up quite fast too. It has a crash sandbox system, means that you can kill the site that has crash while leaving other sites intact.
  5. Irfanview : The Microsoft's own Picture and Fax Viewer might be good enough for someone, but surely not all. With Irfanview, you can convert picture formats, play movies and sounds(with plugins) while maintaining the open speed.
That's all for now. I still have other software that I wanted to introduce. Till next time~

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