Monday, November 10, 2008

November PC Configuration

This time, I decided to make both RM 3k and RM 2k pc configuration. After configuring a pc for my friend, a revelation hit me that not all people can afford 3k also. With hardware prices down:
  • 2k pc can play games at 1440*900 or 1280*1024 resolution with medium to high settings.
  • 3k pc can play games at 1680*1050 with medium to high settings
So.......let's start with 2k pc :
  • CPU: AMD Athlon X2 5200+ (2.7GHz) - RM 225
  • RAM: Kingston Value RAM DDR2 800MHz 2GB *2 - RM 170
  • Motherboard: Palit AA-780GA - RM 225
  • Hard Drive:Western Digital 320GB SATA - RM 165
  • GPU: Forsa 9800GT 512MB - RM 410
  • Optical Drive: LG DVDRW SATA - RM 70
  • Monitor: Benq 17" G700AD - RM 405
  • Casing: Cooler Master Elite 340 - RM 125
  • PSU: Cooler Master Extreme Power 460W - RM 170
  • Keyboard+Mouse: Logitech G1 Gaming Desktop - RM 89
  • Speaker: Logitech R5 2.0 - RM 49
Total : RM 2103

Now, let's see the 3k pc configuration:
  • CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9550 2.2GHz - RM 490
  • RAM: Kingston Value RAM 2GB DDR2 800MHz * 2 - RM170
  • HDD: Western Digital 640GB SATA - RM 235
  • Motherboard: Palit AA-780GA - RM 225
  • Graphic Card: Palit HD4850 SUPER 512MB DDR3 - RM550
  • Optical Drive: LG DVDRW SATA - RM70
  • Monitor: Benq 22" LCD (T221W) - RM 615
  • Speaker: Edifier M1350 2.1 - RM 80
  • PSU: HEC Ace power 480W - RM290
  • Casing: Cooler Master Elite 340- RM 125
  • Keyboard+Mouse: Logitech G1 Gaming Desktop - RM 89
Total : RM 2939

That's it. Hope the guide helps you make your pc.


SkyChin said...

Actually Gaming rigs do not consider of keyboards,monitors and speakers as well as mice.That's all optional,for the 3k rig I recommend 790GX chipset instead of ur existing 780G,that's a newer version southbridge on there.About Rm390 you can simply find one from Biostar.So the gross total of its can be deducted off the optional hardwares in getting a better parts.

"2k pc can play games at 1440*900 or 1280*1024 resolution with medium to high settings."Not really,even 9800GT could manage to play@1680x1050 to 1920x1080 both at medium to high settings.Depends how you play it.

Nevertheless,since you're blog is still new right?Would you consider in counting in our SkyChinStudio to make review?We do the same job too!=D

Anyway,how you get through my blog d?=)

Terance Lim said...

Ops, i don't know about that. But i still prefer counting all the parts of making a pc. Let them know how their rm 2k can be maximized.

Yup, the southbridge....sb750. Why would non-overclockers want that sb anyway? a 780G motherboard is
good enough for them. if they really are overclockers...they won't even follow my configuration.

Well.....the monitor you get in 2k pc is not more than 1440*900 is it? that's why i say "2k pc can play games at 1440*900 or 1280*1024 resolution with medium to high settings."~ But still, thanks for the info~

Ok, i can do some review for you.

Dude, you present your blog during the computer club presentation. Don't tell me you forgot it already?

SkyChin said...

That's not my blog,it's my studio.Did You notice that I have 2 sites lol?Haha nvm,I'm glad that you're the kakiz like mine.Haha..

add my msn,
I got several things to discuss with you since you accepted my invitation.

wankongyew said...

I've noticed that many gamers in Malaysia seem to prefer AMD CPUs for some reason. I don't really understand why this is so. As far as I can tell most major review site recommends Core 2 Duos as the best price / performance pick. Mind explaining the disparity to me?

Terance Lim said...

really? you should see go to -> Hardware Q&A and see for yourself that many people prefer Core 2 Duos than AMD. Ok, back to your question. They prefer AMD because amd is cheap. DAMN cheap.
Yes, yes, people says that Intel wins them every time when comparing games frame rate.
But honestly, tell me if you see a difference between 100 fps (frame per second) and 200 fps.
If you can't see, then why waste more on it? That's why some people still prefer amd.

didi said...

For the motherboard, should choose those more reliable brand such as Asus, Gigabyte or MSI.Palit is quite a new brand in Malaysia, where i doubt about their service & warranty.

Terance Lim said...

well...I never thought of that. I assumed all the brand are the same in terms of warranty and service. But I will take note of your advice